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The Dumfries Maples Sugarbush Experience

Every spring, maple lovers from New Brunswick and all around the world, embark on a sweet adventure to the Dumfries Maples sugarbush. Located along the picturesque Saint John River Valley, only 35 minutes outside Fredericton and less than 45 minutes from Woodstock.

Dumfries Restaurant

Nathan Scott and his sister Jane Scott welcome visitors every season to:

The sap house and cookhouse overlook a picture perfect view of the Saint John River Valley. Visitors can walk or snowshoe through the sugarbush to see sap dripping into buckets on the maples.

History of Dumfries Maples

The sugarbush has been in Nathan and Jane’s family for four generations, part of a family farm. Much of the farm was expropriated during the building of Mactaquac dam and the family left the small community.

The maples rested for more than 30 years until Nathan, a forester, moved to Dumfries in the late ‘90s and began learning the art of making maple syrup. They tapped for the first time in 1998. “We have slowly built the business up from a small hobby operation to a small commercial operation.”

Jane began helping with marketing and by 2007-2008, the family operation was up to 1,500 taps and the Dumfries Maples label was established. They began making maple butter, candy, maple cream, and other sweet maple treats.

The operation has already grown to 1,900 bucket taps and another 200 taps on a gravity fed line.

In 2010, the Scott’s began building sugarhouse and cookhouse and open their doors to the public to learn about sugaring, explore the beauty of a natural sugarbush, and enjoy sweet maple treats.